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Speed-Agility Training

                    "Coaches and Athletes, want to Maximize performance?"

       Here at 21st Century Martial Arts we provide training programs devoted to enhancing athletic performance. The programs are designed and developed to meet the needs of committed Grade School, High School, and College Athletes. We combine cutting edge training methods, state of the art equipment, knowledge, and expertise from strength and conditioning coaches who bring a wealth of theoretical and practical strategies in the sports perfomance arena.

       Team Speed Wins Games!  
       Coaches and Athletes, now is the time to make your Team and yourself a dominent force. Wether it's on the track, in the field, or in the gym, we can develop a program to improve the speed, agility and quickness of your athletes, adding to the overall success of your Team.
     The key is to develop their overall performance by developing all the elements required for success in any sport: Speed, Agility, Strength, Coordination, Power, Flexibility, and Conditioning. Improving in these areas is not only possible, it's the only way to make significant improvements on the Track, in the Field, or in the Gym. You can begin to see improvements almost immediately. The secret to unlocking dormant speed within all your athletes is very simple.
        Remember: Speed is a skill that you can learn. All Athletes have mechanical, postural, and technical issues that must be fixed in order to unlock their speed potential.
        We begin by teaching( and re-teaching) athletes how to run. Speed and Agility Training is broken down into step by step process. You'll immediately begin to see your athletes technical problems improved. See the light come on in your Athletes heads as they begin to reprogram their strides with perfect technique.
         Speed an Agility are skills any Athlete can learn. When the Athletes use these skills, they can reach their full speed potential and:

Shave tenths off their fastest 40 times!
     Beat their defender to the ball every time! 
          Explode off the line or starting blocks!           

      21st Century Martial Arts is committed to helping Athletes improve these five aspects of their athletic ability: Speed, PowerAgility, Reaction and Quickness in order to take their game to the next level.

                              The real question is: How Committed are You?


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